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Wakame 200g/bag

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200  grams




About This Item

Fresh, Sweet, Flavorful

Our Wakame is fresh, sweet, and flavorful. Our Wakame is free from any harmful material. True Sun always tries to focus on healthy, tasty, and fresh products. So we made our Wakame harm-free, germs-free, hazard-free. There is no harmful and toxic chemical involved in Wakame manufacturing which makes it healthy and unique. Our Wakame product is manufactured in a way that will not harm one's health.

Pure Taste

The True Sun Wakame is extra in taste and packaged in convenient portion control packets, this Wakame is great for restaurants and home use. It is completely pure in taste. It seems to be a briny, salty, umami flavor, with a degree of sweetness as well.


True Sun Wakame is commonly used to make fresh seaweed salad. Wakame can also be cooked in stews and soups. Wakame is used to add flavor to a variety of dishes and may also be eaten as a dried snack. We prefer our Wakame product for restaurants, houses, cafeterias. Our wakame is a gift to Sushi and Soup lovers.

Health Benefits

True Sun Wakame is healthy and has many health benefits. Wakame may help in thyroid proper functioning due to iodine. It may reduce blood pressure and can save you from severe heart attacks.

Satisfaction Guarantee

True Sun loves its customers very much and is always ready to solve their problems. Reach out to True Sun for any issue and we will reply to your questions. If you don’t like our product, True Sun will pay back all your money.

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