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True Sun

True Sun Sushi Nori Blue Gold, Half cut, 100 pieces/bag, 10 bags/box

True Sun Sushi Nori Blue Gold, Half cut, 100 pieces/bag, 10 bags/box

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Product Name

True Sun Sushi Nori Silver



Number in Bag

100 Pieces/ Bag

Number per box






About This Item

Premium Restaurant Quality

No more buying Sushi from Restaurants. Now you can enjoy restaurant quality premium Sushi at your home. Make your Sushi via our roasted True Sun Sushi Blue Gold. Now you have a perfect way to enjoy Sushi dinner with your family easily.

Chinese Seaweed

It is our Chinese Seaweed. This nori is a premium Blue Gold grade nori, carefully roasted for a crisp, not chewy, texture. It is the ideal thickness of maximum pliability and minimal tearing when working with it in recipes. All of our products have been certified by FDA.

Easy To Store

We deliver it with great packaging. As to make Sushi fresh, humidity and moisture is the big deal. So our packaging help Sushi Nori Blue Gold to remain fresh. After opening packaging, You can easily store it in freezer for long term use.


Our True Sun Sushi Nori Blue Gold freshness is our top and first priority. You will get fresh quality and satisfied product.

Satisfaction Guarantee

After checking our product, we are proud to say that our product is one of the best in the industry. Your satisfaction is our priority. If you are not satisfied with the product, your money will get back to you.. And nowadays it is difficult to differentiate between good and bad food products. We ensure you the original and best quality. So don’t hold and try our product once!

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