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True Sun premium wasabi paste 200 packets/bag, 3ml/packet

True Sun premium wasabi paste 200 packets/bag, 3ml/packet

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True Sun Premium Wasabi Paste

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3 grams


Food, Restaurant

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About This Item

Pure Wasabi Paste

Nowadays most of the Wasabi Pastes are not as good as they are told. Because the quality of Wasabi Pastes is not much good. We are offering you a healthy Wasabi Paste that is made up of high-quality pure ingredients. Our Wasabi paste is 100% pure manufactured and 100% original. True Sun Premium Wasabi Paste is one of the best products of the true sun.


Our Wasabi Paste is free from any harmful material. We always try to focus on healthy products. So we made our paste harm-free, germs-free, hazard-free. There is no harmful chemical involved in paste manufacturing which makes it healthy and unique. Our Wasabi Paste product is manufactured in a way that will not harm one's health.

Tasty Wasabi Paste

The signature wasabi paste is extra hot, get ready for the heat! It is 2x hot aromatic.


Super convenient pre-mixed wasabi paste in a 1 serving packet. Ready to use immediately, take it with you anywhere. Enjoy restaurant-grade high-quality wasabi at home.


If you want to use our Wasabi Paste for a long duration, you will have to remember some things. Always avoid Wasabi Paste to be placed in direct heat and moisture. Wasabi Paste must be stored in a cool, dark, and dry place.

Satisfaction Guarantee

True Sun always focuses on clients satisfaction. Any questions any concerns, we are here to answer you.

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