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True Sun

True Sun Premium Chili Crushed 5lb/bag

True Sun Premium Chili Crushed 5lb/bag

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Product Name

True Sun Premium Chili Powder

Weight per Bag


Weight in Kg

2.2 Kg

Shelf Life

12 Months




Food, Restaurant

Industrial Use



Pure and Original


About Chili Powder

Pure Chili Powder

Nowadays most of the Chili Powders are not as good as they are told. Because the quality of Chili is not much good. We are offering you a pure Chili Powder that is made up of high-quality pure ingredients. Our Chili Powder is made up of whole ripe chili peppers. Our Chili Powder is 100% pure manufactured and 100% original.

Healthy Chili Powder

Our Chili Powder is free from any harmful material. We made it harm-free, germs-free, hazard-free without any chemical. Our Chili Powder product is manufactured in a way that will not harm one's health. So feel free to use it in your tasty dishes.

Specifications of Chili Powder

True Sun chili powder is the right and perfect blend for spicing up your dishes. True Sun Chili gives smoky and tasty blend of spice in your soups, rubs, marinades, stews and even breads. As explained earlier that true sun chili powder is made up of ripe chili peppers, so using this chili powder will gave consistency and great aroma to dishes. True Sun Chili Powder is ideal choice for restaurants and chefs!

Satisfaction Guarantee

After testing our product, we are proud to say that our product is one of the best in the industry. Your satisfaction is our priority. If you are not satisfied with the product, your money will get back to you. Why don't you experience it once! This will be your best choice. We prefer this product for restaurants also. Better to taste once! Let True Sun know anytime for questions and concerns, as we value your voice to make things right.

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