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PT-9090 Clear Togo Container 18.7” X 8.8” X 1.8” 240/Case

PT-9090 Clear Togo Container 18.7” X 8.8” X 1.8” 240/Case

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PT-9090 Clear Togo Container






Food, Restaurant, Takeaway, Supermarket, To-go






About This Item


18.7 inches X 8.8 inches X 1.8 inches


Nowadays most food containers are not as good as they are told. Because the quality of plastic is not much good. We are offering you a perfect plastic container which is made up of polypropylene. And polypropylene is one of the materials having high flexural strength because it's a semi-crystalline in structure. Another fact is It is really a resistant material towards moisture because it has a very low coefficient of friction. Its chemical resistance is better than other products. It shows resistance towards a variety of bases and acids. This material makes our product extraordinary towards leak prove. So now your food is safe from being leaked as this material makes our product leak prove and also moisture prove.

 Best Craftsmanship

As explained earlier that our product is made up of very premium plastic quality which shows the best craftsmanship. To ensure food safety we tested our product a lot of times. After observing its full perfection, we concluded that our product is not only leakproof but also it is non-toxic, resilient, ready to face daily wear and tear, and durable.


Our product PT-8080 containers can hold up all your food. No problem of worrying if you are a soup lover or meat lover. No need of worrying if you are a restaurant owner or restaurant manager. PT-8080 containers can help you in holding all types of food from meat to soup and soup to deserts. Now you can take food anywhere anytime no matter what it is. Now you can store food easily in it without any threat of germs.

Control Your Dream Food

Now you can control your food easily. Wondering how? You are an athlete or businessman, You work or go to school, doesn’t matter. You can take it and use it for your type of food easily. If you are a restaurant owner, then PT-8080 is one of the best choice as it will help you to make your clients happy.

Microwave Resistant

Now you can use it for warming your food. It is microwave resistant. In a hurry! No problem, you can put your food in it and can freeze easily. Also, you can put it in a microwave and warm it easily.


Now you can use it again and again. It is water-resistant. You can make it dirt-free easily without damaging it. Also, it helps the food to be safe in a moisture climate. It is raining outside, yes! Now use the container and go to wherever you want without making food watery.

Satisfaction Guarantee

After testing our product, we are proud to say that our product is one of the best in the industry. Your satisfaction is our priority. If you are not satisfied with the product, your money will get back to you. So don’t hold and try our product once! This will be your best choice.

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