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OP-450 Party Tray Lid 11.3” X 0.7” Base 11.1”X 1.8” 100/Case

OP-450 Party Tray Lid 11.3” X 0.7” Base 11.1”X 1.8” 100/Case

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Product Name

OP-450 Party Tray Lid



Lid Size

  11.3” X 0.7”

Base Size

11.1”X 1.8”


Restaurant, Food, Takeaway, To-go, School, Super Market

Age Range

Adults, Kids



Number Per Case



About This Item

High-Quality Material

Our product OP-450 Party Tray Lid is made up of high quality, strong and durable plastic. OP-450 Party Tray Lid Party is unlike any product of this type in the world. OP-450 Party Tray Lid is the result of the mentality and hard work of food lovers. Our product is without any smell, eco-friendly, and will not transfer harmful and dangerous chemicals to food.


Our product OP-450 Party Tray Lid is also the best and unique choice for restaurants! Its circular shape makes it more unique and it is very easy to adjust food in it. It is no doubt that our OP-450 Party Tray Lid product is a thoughtful gift for restaurant owners. Also, it's the best choice for school-going kids. If you have to arrange a party at home, no doubt our OP-450 Party Tray Lid is the best choice for you.


Nowadays most Party Tray Lids are not leakproof. We are offering you a premium plastic OP-450 Party Tray Lid that is made up of Premium Plastic. Our OP-450 Party Tray Lid has high flexural strength because it is strong. It shows resistance towards moisture. These unique facts make our OP-450 Party Tray Lid extraordinary towards leak prove. So now you don’t have to worry about food because the boxes are ready to face tough and rough leaks.

Perfect Size

Now OP-450 Party Tray Lid is perfectly sized. Its lid can be easily fit in its base. Perfect size to make your dreams true with the true sun!


Our OP-450 Party Tray Lid unique design makes it portable. Now you can take it anywhere easily because of its less weight. It is less in weight which allows good care of food easily.

Dishwasher Safe

Our unique OP-450 Party Tray Lid can be used again and again because it is dishwasher safe. You can simply clean it under the dishwasher and reuse it according to your needs.

Satisfaction Guarantee

After checking our product, we are proud to say that our product is one of the best in the industry. Your satisfaction is our priority. If you are not satisfied with the product, your money will get back to you as per promise. And nowadays it is difficult to differentiate between good and bad products. We ensure you the original and best quality. So don’t hold and try our product once to experience the best products!

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