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True Sun

Baran 1000 pieces/box-combinable

Baran 1000 pieces/box-combinable

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Product Name







Food decoration





Number of Pieces Per Box

1000 Pieces

Number of Box Per Case

60 Boxes


About This Item

Beautiful Baran

Our Baran Product is a beauty in its self. Its color and size are enchanting which makes our baran beautiful and interesting. In Japan, Baran is widely used in Restaurants to bring beauty to their foods. Its leaf-shaped decoration makes food look interesting and amazing.


Our Baran Product is 100% Eco-friendly and bio-degradable. These Barans are free from harmful chemicals that can leech into food and become health factors.


Baran is not only used in Japan but is a worldwide used product. Different Restaurants not only use it to decorate food but also to separate different types of food without hurting food beauty.


Our Baran Product is suitable for various uses. Starting from restaurants to houses, it is widely used. If you are arranging a party, then you must take an advantage of Baran. Overall suitable choice for Restaurants, Café, houses, Camping, etc.

Satisfaction Guarantee

After testing our Baran, we are proud to say that our Baran is one of the best in the industry. Your satisfaction makes True Sun happy. If you are not satisfied with the Baran product, your money will get back to you. Why don't you experience Baran once! This will be your best Baran ever. We prefer Baran products for daily use. You will make yourself and other people happy with your skills and our products!



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