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Bamboo Plate 4 sizes

Bamboo Plate 4 sizes

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Bamboo Plates


4 Sizes are available




Food, Restaurant








About This Item

Perfect Size

Our Bamboo Plates are available in 4 sizes from which you can choose the perfect size for yourself. These sizes are given below

  • 30”X3.55”X0.98”
  • 27”X4.72”X1.18”
  • 45”X5.91”X1.18”
  • 63”X7.09”X1.18”

Now you can easily choose the best size for yourself.


Our Bamboo Plates are 100% Eco-friendly and bio-degradable. These Plates are free from harmful chemicals that can leech into food and become health factors. These Plates are durable, compostable, and sustainable.

Thick and Strong

Our Bamboo Plates are thick and strong but light in weight. These plates are thick enough to hold food without getting soggy and strong enough to be broken.

Natural and Safe

Our Bamboo Plates are 100% Natural and Safe. These Plates are made up of well cleaned and steam-treated bamboos free of any harsh chemicals, glues, or dyes.


Now you can use these bamboo plates in Restaurants, Homes, Parties with a long leaving impact.

Satisfaction Guarantee

After testing our product, we are proud to say that our product is one of the best in the industry. Your satisfaction is our priority. If you are not satisfied with the Bamboo Plate product, your money will get back to you. Why don't you experience it once! This will be your best choice. We prefer this product for daily use. Better to try once! Let True Sun know anytime for questions and concerns, as we value your voice to make things right.


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