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Pilates VS Yoga: Which is Best for Weight Loss

Hitting the gym is not the only thing that can keep you involved in physical activities and let you stay healthy. There are other constructive ways that can let you get in shape. Apart from the aggressive and strict manner of workouts, you can indulge yourself in subtle and peaceful exercises. Yoga and Pilates are ways which can lend a peaceful mind residing in a healthy body. Both focus on toning the body with mental acuteness.

Is there any difference between Pilates and Yoga?

The answer to the above question is ‘Yes’. Though both are gentle ways of getting healthy both vary from each other.

There are differences between Pilates and Yoga; Pilates is inclined more toward physical movement and muscle-sculpting without incorporating any spiritual or holistic concepts. On the other hand, Yoga focuses on attaining a deeper level of consciousness.

Pilates vs. Yoga- War of Weight Loss

Pilates help in attaining lean muscle mass. This Pilates benefits will surely fulfill your motto of weight loss. Muscle is capable of burning of calories at a faster pace, which is five times more than body fat. Practicing Pilates will burn more calories all day long. Not just this but Pilates also tone up muscles; the very essence for appealing looks. There are specific Pilate’s apparatus that are used while exercising

While practicing Yoga promotes the digestion capabilities of the system and aid in trimming the excessive fat consumption of the body. Yoga purely depends on physical movements and does not integrate any apparatus.

Below mentioned is a brief introduction to Yoga and Pilates.


  • Yoga dates back to 5000 years with roots in India. The benefits of yoga are tapped from the ‘energy flow through the body’ concept.
  • Yoga means union; Union of the physical, mental, and spiritual self.
  • There are a number of ‘Asana’ (body position) involving stretching and strengthening of the body through physical, breathing, and meditation asanas.
  • Asanas of Yoga are channelized to make the body flexible.
  • Yoga motivates you to eat healthy diets; focusing on fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • The benefits of yoga are linked to the association of meditation and body movement.


  • Pilates was developed to rehabilitate the war veterans of the First World War.
  • The benefits of Pilates revolve around breathing, concentration, muscle control, and précising movements.
  • Pilate’s benefits by motivating joint motion, elevating neuromuscular coordination, back mobility, and enhancing the muscle groups.

Both; Pilates and Yoga have their own aspects and ideas when it comes to weight loss or overall well-being. But has a common aim of sound health. No matter in what kind of exercises you enroll in; the efforts will never deliver until less you engross the right eating habits in your daily routine.

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