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How To Make Sushi Rice at Home Like a Pro | Sushi Rice Recipes | Sushi Recipes

How to Make Sushi Rice

As it is understandable that Rice is the most essential and important part of Sushi. You are thinking of how to make Sushi Rice, Right! We are here to answer your question about how to make Sushi Rice at home like a pro or like a restaurant chef. There are some small steps to making Sushi Rice. Remember, these steps are most important, and try not to avoid any of these steps. If you want your Sushi Rice to become next-level Sushi Rice. So let us get started!

Sushi Rice Ingredients

  1. 250 grams of Sushi Rice
  2. 300ml of Water
  3. Kunbu (a small sheet)
  4. 30ml of rice vinegar
  5. 8g of Sushi Salt
  6. 18g of Sugar

How to Make Sushi Rice at Home like a Pro

Step 1:

Bring the bowl and place Sushi Rice in it and also some water. Stir the Sushi Rice without breaking it. Stir until the water becomes milky white. Drain the water and repeat the same process three to four times until the water becomes clear.

Step 2:

Now place the water in Sushi Rice and leave it for soaking for 20 minutes.

Step 3:

Now drain the Sushi Rice water and add Sushi Rice to pan or cooker with water and Kunbu sheet. Cook the Sushi Rice on high heat for 5 minutes and then lower the heat and cook again for about 20 minutes.

Step 4:

While Rice is cooking, let's start preparing Sushi Rice vinegar. Put all the Sushi Rice ingredients in the pan including Sushi Rice vinegar, salt, and sugar. And cook it until the salt and sugar are completely dissolved.

Step 5:

Till now, Sushi Rice will be ready and place Sushi Rice in a mixing bowl. Now put the hot Sushi Rice vinegar in it and try not to break Sushi rice grains.

Step 6:

When the vinegar is completely incorporated or absorbed in Sushi Rice. Transfer Sushi vinegared rice to a plate. And cover it, and place the Sushi Rice aside to cool.

Now you are able to make one of the most important Sushi Ingredients which is Sushi Rice in 6 simple steps. Now you can answer the question of how to make Sushi Rice at home.

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