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How to Make Sushi Easily at Home Like a Pro | Sushi Rolls Recipes

A short intro to Sushi

Sushi originated from Japan and is a traditional dish of Japan. In Japan, there are thousands of Sushi Restaurants working 24/7 in making Sushi. Have you ever thought that making Sushi is so much easy? It is a tasty dish of Japan and now European countries also started loving Sushi. Nobody can deny the popularity and liking of Sushi all around the world. Despite buying cooked sushi from restaurants, it is better to make Sushi at home. Let us start with how to make sushi easily at home like a pro!

How to Make Sushi Easily at Home like a Pro

How to make Sushi at home? How to make Sushi Rolls? How to make a Sushi-like pro? These questions are most common nowadays. You will learn in a very short time about how to make Sushi Rolls and how to make Sushi-like a pro at home.

To get started, you need perfect and good-tasting seaweed. I usually prefer True Sun Sushi Nori as there are a lot of flavors at the true sun. You can buy the perfect Sushi Nori from the true sun. Spread the true sun Sushi Nori and place your Sushi Rice on the True Sun Sushi Nori Sheet. Flatten the Sushi Rice without breaking rice grains.

You can use different fishes or seafood for Sushi but I am using salmon for my Sushi. Let's make a Salmon Sushi roll. You are thinking of how to cut raw fish for Sushi? It's simple! First of all, you will have to cut straight down the filet. Now cut down that piece exactly from the center so that you will get a small strip.

Now place your favorite Sushi Ingredients on the rice. I placed salmon, avocado, and juicy cheese. Now roll it. For this purpose, you can use a bamboo mat or plastic wrap.

Now use a sharp knife to cut the rolls into pieces.

What to Serve with Sushi?

You are thinking, what to serve with Sushi? I always use true sun wasabitrue sun soy sauces, and true sun pickled ginger. It enhances my Sushi and I love to eat restaurant quality Sushi at home. Now you are also able to make Sushi at home like a pro. Now you can eat cooked Sushi and enjoy the Japanese taste at your home.

Sushi Recipe Tips

  • Never keep Sushi overnight because fresh Sushi tastes well. And fresh Sushi rice gives a great taste.

  • You can make Sushi without fish if you want a complete vegetarian taste.
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