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History of Sushi from Start to Now | A Brief about Sushi History

What is the history of Sushi? Sushi is one of the traditional cuisines of Japan and the history of sushi is vast. And, of course, it has established its status through the long history of sushi in Japan. The Sushi history first appears in a written document from the Nara era (8C). It infers to get into invention in Southeast Asia. And introduced to Japan from the Chinese continent through Korean Peninsula. In early times, People from remote areas have invented preservations for food.

10th Century (Sushi origin)

Fermenting fish by mixing with cereal for about a year is now considered the first form of Sushi. Which dates back to 1000 years ago (Nare-Zushi). This was a time when only the aristocrats and high priests could smack their lips from Sushi. This process took a long time, and the cereal got broken down by the time when fish tastes matured. And impatient people started eating half-fermented fish. While cereal still stays in an edible form (Muromachi-era 14C-16C). This is closer to the current style of Sushi. In western Japan, they pickled fish and rice in a wooden container. It helped to quicken their fermentation process. Called the origin of oshi-zushi, or hako-zushi. This was the basics of sushi history in the 10th century.

16th-19th Century (History of Sushi)

Along with the invention of vinegar, in Azuchi-Momoyama through the Edo era (16C-19C). This fermentation process took its place. This is the time when people started enjoying vinegared fish on top of rice. And it has established its status as fast food. When the street vendors catering to the lower classes opened their business on a food cart. Since the refrigeration technology, is not built up yet. They pickled fish in salt or marinated it in soy sauce. Results in enhancing the preservation quality. The sushi chef has also brushed upskill to create nigiri Sushi in the twinkling of an eye. And people imagined as if they were like magicians. And enjoyed watching their performance not only the taste of Sushi. The history of Sushi turns to the incredible stage in 16th to 19th century.

War Time (Sushi history)

During and after world wars, there was a shortage and strict control of food under the government. Sushi cart was not allowed to do their business. Until they started exchanging 1 cup of rice with 10 pieces of Sushi, with the "processing" license in 1947. This was a time of high economic growth post-war. And Sushi categorizes as a high-quality menu. That is only served in bar-style restaurants. It was around this time that conveyor-belt-style Sushi restaurants came into sudden prominence.

Along with the refrigeration system, its low-cost fast-food business expanded in the 1970s-80s. Which brought back their traditional Japanese taste to the most majority of people. Resulting in acceleration by people's curiosity, towards the cuisine. Now “SUSHI” culture exports in the world. Which results in developing quality and variety with the diversified people's needs. So, what's next? This is all about the history of sushi from the origin of sushi to sushi implementations.

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