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Best Food Storage Containers or Togo Containers to Buy in 2022

It is very easy to have a love or hate relationship with Togo Containers or Food Storage Containers. They are able to feel cheap and flimsy, the lids of these containers are usually impossible to find, and the sets mostly feel like they took up the entire cabinet. But a perfect Food Storage or Togo container makes most of the difference: You are able to easily refrigerate food prepped servings, take healthy meal leftovers to work, re-warm, and even serve meals out of some. An awesome food storage container should have an air-tightening capability and even be awesome if it’s leak-proof for liquid-type food. We love ones that are able to get stored easily. And ones that are able to get stacked on top of each other without any risk of slipping.

Fully Researched Product

We test togo containers for air-tightness, leak-proof capability, and staining ability. We use to test how these containers hold up in different environments like freezer, microwave, and dishwasher if they are designed to face these situations. While all of the Togo containers below have been tested by True Sun, we have used them all and they have faced up to the even harder test of time and real-life use. Our favorite choices, below, include an awesome variety of Togo Containers.

How to Find the Best Food Storage Container

Before you start reading about the best Togo Containers, here is some information to consider when buying food storage containers:


Glass and plastic are two of the most important and durable food storage choices. The disadvantage is that glass is heavy in weight and breaks easily, which doesn’t make it the perfect option for taking on the go. Though most of the plastic is now BPA-free and 100% safe, most of the users believe plastic to be the "best" option to avoid any possibility of breaking.


Most foods togo containers are round or rectangular in shape. Round food containers are more ideal for salads and liquids while rectangular Togo containers are perfect for meats and sides


A lid that doesn’t seal is a heartbreaking thing. Some lids commonly slide down to close while others have clasps on container sides. Lids without clasps are more preferable but it is worth noting that the clasps offer an extra opportunity for leak protection.

The Best Togo Containers to Buy in 2022 from True Sun

Reason to Choose These Togo Containers

  • Leak-proof
  • Durable
  • High-Quality Plastic
  • Best Craftsmanship
  • Reusable
  • Multi-uses
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