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A First Attempt at Sweet Potato Bread: It Sure Has Potential

The Paleo diet is wonderful for so many reasons – and one of those is that it requires you to think outside the box when it comes to some conventional food items.

This week I felt like making bread. Inspired by THIS POST by Whole Foods Simply, I attempted the sweet, cakey bread. I used 1 large sweet potato (steamed), 3 eggs, and about a cup of shredded coconut.


  1. Steam sweet potato (or cook via the method of your choice), then let cool and mash
    2. Beat eggs
    3. Combine ingredients
    4. Bake in a greased glassware at 375°F until a fork comes out clean and edges are bronzed – mine took approx. 35 minutes

Results: An Analysis

(I did call this an experiment after all.)

  1. The recipe I based this idea on calls for a lower cooking temperature. Since I used eggs, I used a higher cook temperature. Bear that difference in mind as you try either of these recipes or your own variation.
  2. To think that I opted not to use almond butter when I was experimenting with a recipe that called for it… I’m astounded. I wonder if I was feeling ill that day.
  3. The bread did turn out the quite moist and almost cakey inconsistency. I would love to play with this recipe some more and attempt a more conventional bread texture — something that would hold together a bit more. It’s too bad that gluten causes that in wheat-based bread so effectively.
  4. As an addendum, the original recipe calls for blending all ingredients in a food processor before baking. I didn’t do this because I wanted to try for a bit more variety in the texture. However, the shredded coconut isn’t especially appealing and I think processing the batter beforehand might result in a more palatable texture. Definitely worth a try next time.

Have you tried variations of this recipe? Try it out and let us know what else works well or better!

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